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Gently Used Briards

Briard Rescue

Fortunately, none available. 

1 rehome available further down the page

Briard Rescue
Sadly, sometimes Briards become desperately in need of a new home, usually through no fault of their own. Family breakdowns, deaths, the housing crisis, all contribute to this unfortunate scenario. Most breeders will take dogs back, but when a breeder can't or if a breeder needs help in getting word out, this page and the Australian Briard family network becomes invaluable.

What to Do if You Need to Rehome Your Briard

1. Contact your breeder .. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact the breeder and give them the first option to help. If they can't or won't help (and there can be many reasons for this), please use the contact form below to get in touch with the site administrators . We WANT to help, and will get back in touch asap to get details of the dog and how best to help you. We can assure compassion and privacy and help find a home with Briard friendly people. If you don't remember who bred your dog, we can help you with that as well. Working in rescue is not an easy job and can be heartbreaking for all parties. However, it can also be very rewarding when the results are positive.

Please DON'T

1. Advertise on GUMTREE or some other mass selling site

2. Advertise on FB Market place


This is a little different to rescue, the urgency to find a new home is usually not the same.

Sometimes owners or breeders may have an older dog or a puppy that may not be fitting in, or may be not quite what is required in the show ring or a myriad of other reasons . These dogs are usually well mannered and trained, and fit very easily into new situations. Don't be afraid to take on an older dog, the adjustment period can be as little as a week, but some can take longer, generally, 3 months and the dog is yours !


A 5 yr old black desexed girl is available. For further info please use the contact form


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